father, son, and ghost

digital photos and acrylic on canvas, each panel 36x30

JUNE 2008 Ray DiCecco, formerly of Pennsylvania, has been living and working in New York City since May 1998.

Ray DiCecco is one of the most diverse painters on the contemporary scene. Throughout an incredibly productive career he has experimented with virtually every painting medium, perfecting techniques to stunning results. The psychological landscape has been his mainstay, with imagery that tackles the human psyche, transporting its viewers to sensuous locales and to the more inhospitable recesses of the subconscious. Most of these paintings are now in the hands of private collectors.

DiCecco has always been preoccupied with art history's greater themes of birth, life, and death. Though paint is his holy grail, recently he has incorporated digital photography in his work. From a 1990s crucifixion series to the most recent New Madonnas paintings, DiCecco presents a renaissance aesthetic twisted by contemporary light. The existential and the erotic are constantly interwoven in these images. From the darker, emotional dialogues between mother and child to sex on the cross, DiCecco makes paintings that confront us.